5 Secrets To Throw A Birthday Party On A Budget

Tilly HarrisTilly Harris

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Do you recall birthday parties? Balloons of various colors, a basic sheet cake, streamers, and a game of pin the tail on the donkey. That was the case in the past.

Birthday parties have evolved into another way to keep up with the Joneses and outdo one another with Pinterest-worthy photographs for your Instagram feed.

And when you're attempting to arrange a birthday party on a shoestring budget, it's easy to feel as though there's no way to pull it off without going overboard or throwing the world's lamest bash.

However, fear not—we have compiled a list of five secrets to throw a birthday party on a budget without sacrificing any of the excitement!

1. Keep your guest list minimal

There is no unwritten law that you must invite the entire class, soccer team roster, and park playground mates to your child's birthday party. It's a lovely notion, but it's implausible.

Try to keep your invitation list to less than ten children. Don't forget that your parents will most likely stay as well, which will affect your meal and cake budget.

If your child wants to bring only one or two friends, it may be worthwhile to spend the money on bowling, the zoo, or a play center. If you're only paying for your own child and a plus one, hosting a birthday activity outside will be easier to budget for and may even be cheaper!

2. Use your creativity to create your own invitations

Take advantage of the fact that we live in a digital world! Your child's fifth birthday is not the day of their wedding, so avoid spending $200 on printed, glossy invitations. Rather do that, create your own digital invitations online and distribute them via email or SMS.

Creating your own email or text invitations is completely free. In contrast, invitations printed from a stationery store would cost between $2 and $6 for each invitation.

3. Decorate with free printables

The good news is that Pinterest exists! You no longer need to visit the neighborhood party store to purchase decorations. There are numerous free printables available online. Yes, that is correct—free.

That is unbeatable! All you need to do is set aside some time to search the web for the information you require and print it off.

However, avoid becoming sucked into the vortex of Pinterest party images to the point where you begin comparing your own party to another's.

While you can find some fantastic birthday party ideas and inspiration on there, keep in mind that you're arranging a party on a budget—your budget. Allow Pinterest to set the budget for you.

4. Choose a theme for which you already have decorations

Half the joy of planning a birthday party is choosing a theme and watching it come to life. However, just because your youngster desires a superhero theme does not mean you must purchase all of the official merchandise from specialty stores.

Choose or encourage your child to choose a birthday party theme that incorporates items you currently own. If Batman is your child's favorite superhero, you undoubtedly already have plenty of decorations on hand. Therefore, browse your home before heading to the store.

5. Go "old school"

Develop your craftiness! Purchase wooden figures, photo frames, or even personalized letters for your guests to paint at your local craft store. It's a low-cost birthday party idea that will keep the children occupied for an hour and will ensure that each child leaves with a hand-painted object!

Even better, you won't be required to provide a party favor. That sounds like a win-win situation for everyone! Additionally, don't overlook the simple joy that traditional birthday party ideas such as musical chairs, hot potato, or silly string fights may bring.

For millennia, these kinds of games have been suitable for birthday parties; why have we abandoned them in the modern era? Gather the party guests, commence the activities, and keep a modest gift on hand for the greatest winners.

Final Thoughts

It is entirely possible to arrange an unforgettable birthday party on a budget without feeling like a scrooge. Nonetheless, it's all too simple to go over budget at times.

Therefore, before you begin baking the cake or cutting out your own confetti pieces, follow these secrets to create a budget for your birthday party.