5 Simple and Affordable Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

Grace DaviesGrace Davies

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It's a well-known fact that spring is an excellent season to renew your home. As the earth shakes off the winter and prepares for fresh growth, it's normal for people to desire to clean up, declutter, and update their home decor and design.

While there are countless ways to spruce up your space, we've compiled a list of amazing spring home décor and design updates that will last throughout the year—or beyond.

Whether you want to optimize the efficiency of your space or raise the style of your house, here are 5 simple and affordable ways to refresh your home for spring:

1. Organize Your Kitchen Effortlessly

Bring a new level of order to your spring cleaning with creative kitchen gadgets and cabinet organizing. Have you run out of counter or cabinet space for your spices or spice rack? Consider an in-between spice rack pull-out that stores your spices in the space between your cabinets!

Do you adore your kitchen mixer but lack the necessary counter space? An appliance lift shelf is an ideal option for concealing but still allowing access to your mid-size kitchen equipment.

Consider refinishing or replacing your kitchen cabinets if you're searching for a more substantial update. Online interior designers can assist you in developing a kitchen layout that includes additional storage or an arrangement that is more conducive to task completion.

2. Install a Self-Cleaning Toilet

With a self-cleaning toilet, you can save time, water, and the environment! While no toilet is completely immune to cleaning and maintenance, you still have some smart options.

Many modern toilets (sometimes referred to as smart toilets) are constructed with ultra-efficient flushes, waste-repellent toilet bowls, and automated sanitizers, among other features that help keep your toilet cleaner for longer.

Consider acquiring a new toilet or an easy-to-install Bidet attachment or wash-let Bidet seat to increase efficiency even further. Bidets can be a more effective and comfortable way to cleanse than toilet paper.

3. Adjust Task Lighting

Spring brings longer days, so why not reflect that new light throughout your home by upgrading or adding new lighting fixtures? Not only can new lighting add flair to your home, but it's also an excellent method to add task lighting for everyday chores.

For example, under-cabinet lighting may provide a lovely ambient glow in your kitchen while simultaneously providing superior task illumination for food preparation!

Moreover, consider placing an LED mirror in the bathroom to create an energy-efficient, natural glow when getting ready in the morning and evening. Speaking of bathrooms, even your toilet may come equipped with a nightlight to aid with nighttime navigation!

Another approach to experiment with light in your house is to reorganize your interiors to maximize and utilize natural light from your windows by repositioning your home office desk to face a window overlooking your yard rather than a wall.

4. Keep Your Hardware Up to Date

Swapping out your house hardware is a simple and cost-effective method to modernize your space. You'd be shocked at how much a new toilet paper holder and towel hook can improve a bathroom's aesthetic and functionality!

Additionally, you may wish to consider investing in soft-close hinges. For instance, a soft-close toilet seat can help prevent a loud "toilet bang," while a new soft-close drawer or cabinet can help protect your kitchen from damage over time.

Whether it's kitchen cabinet hardware or bathroom hardware, you may coordinate finishes to complement a new style or create a unique look by mixing and matching finishes.

5. Upgrade Your Furniture

Upgrading your old furniture is an excellent way to spruce up your home for the new season, particularly if your prior pieces have seen better days. Whether it's a sectional sofa, dining table, coffee table, or even a bed frame, new furniture instantly revitalizes your home.

If you're looking for a more lasting couch (one that can withstand family pets!), consider performance fabric upholstery, an amazingly adaptable and durable material.

And if you're planning to infuse your living space with more organic and natural textures, don't be afraid to experiment with bolder furniture pieces like live edge sideboards or concrete table accents!

The Takeaway

While spring cleaning and refreshing may seem like a chore, it does not have to be. You surely can make it enjoyable!

Concentrate on cleaning or renovating the areas of your home that make you feel lighter and more at ease in general. Then, rather than attempting to complete everything in a short period of time, divide projects or activities down and spread them out.

Distribute tasks across a few weekends, and your newly spruced-up home will reward you, as will you for organizing and updating your home.

Turn on some music, open those windows to allow in some fresh air, enlist the help of your loved ones, and let's get your home spring-ready!