6 Reasons Udemy Is the Perfect Choice for Upskilling

Grace DaviesGrace Davies

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"Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection." - Mark Twain

Mark Twain would have surely made a phenomenal corporate professional!!! Simply because he knew the very basics of what it takes to be one. For all the professionals, fresher or experienced, continuous polishing and improvement of skills are indispensable for growth. This ‘upskilling process”  prepares them for the challenges ahead. It makes them more equipped to deal with anything that might come in their way of success.

Upskilling basically means acquiring new competencies and skills, relevant today and in the near future. These skills can be soft skills like leadership or communication, or hard skills like coding, accounting, etc.

One name that has been synonymous with upskilling and reskilling is Udemy. Founded in 2010, the San Francisco-based learning platform has helped millions of professionals and students to gain new skills, and stand out in their careers. The tutorial platform is popular among engineers, scientists, developers, and coders.

With thousands of courses, all in different niches, Udemy is one the leading course providers worldwide. In this article, we will discuss what makes Udemy the perfect choice for upskilling. Read between the lines to know more.

Udemy’s Unique and Affordable Pricing Model

Affordable Pricing Model

Accessing courses on Udemy doesn't require an active subscription. Unlike its competitors like Pluralsight, you can view the bought courses for a lifetime. You won't ever lose access to them.

This model is very convenient for the users, as they simply need to pay for a specific course, whenever they need it for adding new skills. On the other hand, paying a flat monthly subscription can be unnecessarily costly. Moreover, some courses on Udemy are priced as low as $11.99.

Udemy’s Plethora of Courses

Udemy offers more than  185K courses to its students across the world. It includes courses on design, marketing, business, photography, music, and many more. You can also find courses for developing your soft skills like memory, confidence, time management, productivity, etc.

Having access to so many courses at a place is phenomenal. It opens up endless possibilities and gives you a buffer to choose one or more courses for a particular skill set.

Cracking the “Instructors’ Code” With Udemy

Instructors’ Code

Doesn't matter how well an online course is designed. Students will have doubts and concerns. That’s why it becomes indispensable to keep a team of instructors for helping the learners out with their doubts.

Udemy knows it, and it has more than 64K instructors and hundreds of teaching assistants. Course instructors are experts in particular subjects. They create and design the whole course. Teaching assistants are experts of the same fields with relevant experience to solve any doubts or concerns of the learners.

This unique approach to instructor lead learning makes Udemy a tremendous place to learn new skills.

Udemy’s Virtual Classrooms

Udemy's chat rooms and message boards provide a phenomenal virtual classroom experience. If you are facing any doubt with the content, you can simply ask a question in the chat room. Some instructors even allow access to videos and options like direct chat. This way you can be sure of assimilating whatever you are trying to learn.

Udemy's “Full-Proof” Courses


Everyone has their own pace, abilities and needs for learning. Two different people can have two entirely different learning outcomes from a course. Udemy understands it and ensures that all its courses are self-paced and continuously evolving.

Most course videos on Udemy last between five to fifteen minutes, depending upon the type of the course. Users have the discretion to pause, replay and continue the courses whenever they find it convenient. Moreover, it has courses that you won't find at your college or high school.

Udemy also Offers Accreditations

You will find innumerable options on Udemy that can be counted as a job or college credit. These courses offer certificates upon completion, and some of them are accredited too.

Udemy provides full information about this for every course. So, if you like to fill up your CV with different certifications and accreditations, do your research and find out the courses offering these.

The Bottom Line

There is a problem of ‘plenty’ for everything that we do today. With so many companies around, it becomes difficult to choose the right option. The learning industry is no different.

The presence of many established players makes your choice even harder. But with some good research and logical thinking, you can find the perfect e-Learning platform.

With its unique features and user-driven experience, there is no surprise that Udemy is a top choice for professionals.

So, these were some reasons that in my opinion make Udemy stand out from the rest when it comes to upskilling. I hope it helped. Thanks for reading.