Mexican Wedding Rituals That Are Entertaining to Watch

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Weddings are a time of joy, celebration, and love, and every culture has its unique traditions and rituals that make these events memorable. In Mexico, weddings are not only deeply meaningful but also incredibly entertaining to watch, thanks to a rich tapestry of customs that blend ancient Aztec, Mayan, and Spanish traditions. In this blog, we will explore some of the Mexican wedding rituals that are not only entertaining to witness but also reflect the vibrant culture and heritage of the country.

The Lively Mariachi Band

No Mexican wedding is complete without the vibrant sounds of a Mariachi band. These musicians, often dressed in traditional charro outfits, serenade the couple and guests with lively music and soulful ballads. The Mariachi band adds an atmosphere of festivity and joy, and their performances are a treat for the ears and the soul. Watching them in action is like experiencing the heartbeat of Mexico's musical heritage.

The Colorful Procession: La Calenda

Before the wedding ceremony, there is a colorful and lively procession known as "La Calenda." This tradition involves the couple, their families, and guests parading through the streets to the venue. What makes this ritual entertaining to watch is the festive atmosphere, with participants carrying banners, candles, and even fireworks. The streets come alive with music, laughter, and the vibrant colors of traditional Mexican attire.

The Unity Coins: Las Arras

In the "Las Arras" ritual, the groom presents the bride with thirteen gold or silver coins, known as "arras," to symbolize his commitment to providing for their future. The act of counting and exchanging these coins is not only symbolic but also a fun and interactive part of the ceremony. Watching the couple exchange the coins, surrounded by their loved ones, is a heartwarming moment.

The Spirited Dance: La Vibora de la Mar

One of the most entertaining Mexican wedding rituals is "La Vibora de la Mar" or "The Sea Serpent Dance." In this lively dance, the bride and groom stand on chairs while guests form a human tunnel by holding hands. The couple must navigate their way through this "tunnel" without falling or breaking it, all while the crowd cheers them on. It's a high-spirited and humorous moment that adds a dose of playfulness to the ceremony.

The Wedding Lasso: El Lazo

"El Lazo" is a symbolic ritual where a large loop of rosary beads or a decorative rope is placed around the shoulders of the bride and groom in the form of a figure-eight. This act symbolizes the eternal bond and unity of the couple. The entertaining aspect of this ritual lies in the intricate and beautifully designed lassos used, often adorned with flowers or other decorative elements. It's a visually captivating moment during the ceremony.

The Funny Cake Toppers: Los Muñecos

Mexican wedding cakes are known for their intricate designs and delicious flavors. However, what makes them truly entertaining are the cake toppers, known as "Los Muñecos." These toppers often depict comical scenes, caricatures of the couple, or humorous situations. They add a playful touch to the wedding cake and never fail to amuse the guests.

The Breaking of the Piñata: La Piñata

While the breaking of a piñata is not exclusive to weddings, it's a tradition that can often be seen at Mexican wedding receptions. The piñata, filled with candies and small toys, is suspended from above. The couple, along with their guests, takes turns trying to break it open while blindfolded. It's an entertaining and festive activity that brings out the inner child in everyone and is sure to create plenty of laughter and excitement.

The Garter Toss: La Liguilla

Similar to Western weddings, Mexican weddings often include the tradition of the garter toss. The groom removes the bride's garter and tosses it to the male guests. The one who catches it is said to be the next in line to get married. This playful tradition adds an element of fun and competition to the wedding reception, as guests eagerly await their chance to catch the garter.

The Flying Wedding Dresses: The Traditional Jump

In some regions of Mexico, particularly in Veracruz, it's customary for the bride and groom to jump over a rope or a ribbon together. This act symbolizes the couple's willingness to face obstacles and challenges together. The entertaining part of this ritual is watching the couple coordinate their jump while still looking elegant in their wedding attire.

The Traditional Feast: La Comida

Mexican weddings are renowned for their delicious feasts featuring a wide array of traditional dishes. From tamales and mole to tacos and enchiladas, the variety of flavors and spices is a delight for the taste buds. The communal nature of the meal, where guests share dishes family-style, adds to the convivial and entertaining atmosphere.


Mexican weddings are a delightful blend of traditions, music, dance, and vibrant colors. The rituals mentioned above not only hold deep cultural significance but also infuse the wedding celebrations with an irresistible charm and liveliness. Whether it's the melodious tunes of the Mariachi band, the playful rituals like "La Vibora de la Mar," or the mouthwatering feast, Mexican wedding traditions are a captivating spectacle that embodies the spirit of celebration and unity. These rituals serve as a testament to Mexico's rich cultural heritage and its ability to make any wedding a joyous and unforgettable event.