Best Coupons For Mobility Scooters

Sophia Evans / July 13, 2024

Mobility Scooters have come a long way since Allan Thieme invented the first true mobility version in Michigan in 1968. Leading modern brands are really easy to maneuver through specially constructed shopping centers with full access to its infrastructure, including elevators. The best scooters boast a range of features including having an impressive range, the ability to charge quickly, hold lots of shopping and ideally your four-legged friend. In 2023 discover tons of free cash and discount coupons redeemable on the purchase of leading brands and get yourself mobile without breaking the bank. Road mobility scooters are meant to be very easy to use and come with tons of benefits. Folks that have never used a mobility scooter, won’t want to stop as it’s really addictive and delivers a sense of freedom and self confidence. Many of us want to travel with our pets and this mode of transportation means you can do just that. In addition, recharging your scooter takes as little as four hours, and some batteries provide all-day mobility. Mobility scooters aren’t exactly cheap, though cover may be available to you when your physician prescribes a scooter. Medicare Part B can cover part of the cost of a scooter, but not the whole purchase price. Medicare guidelines for power scooter coverage state that it needs to be necessary and reasonable in treating an injury or illness or improving the function of a compromised body part. Though for those that cannot access cover, folk can still get fantastic affordable deals with free redeemable cash and discount coupons. Check out this selection of coupons Comparisonsmaster has found for you and place your order today.

Free Discount Coupons with Mobility Scooters Direct Promo Codes on Leading Brand Models Like the Envoy 4 Scooter

The Envoy 4 Scooter has a peak speed of 25 kph and a class-leading range of 60 km on a single charge. It is also road legal. Two quickly recharging batteries provide the 350W motor with its power. A more pleasant ride is made possible by the wide alloy wheels with black pneumatic tires, increased riding height, and all-around suspension, especially on rougher terrain.

The front LED light can be turned on, the horn can be activated, and the speed can be raised gradually all from the dashboard. The battery indicator displays the battery’s charge level and contains self-diagnostic warning lights. There is plenty of room for shopping, and a pet-friendly carry cart is included. To use your cash or discount coupons, just enter your code in the “Promo Code” field at checkout.

Main features:

• Top speed of 25 kph
• Maximum range of 60 km on a full battery charge
• Powerful 350W motor
• Stylish silver wheel hubs and delta bar as standard

2023 List price: $1.699 with 20% Discount Coupon from Mobility Scooters Direct

Pride Go Go Elite Traveler 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter is Now 20% Cheaper with Discount Coupons

This Pride Go Go Elite Traveler 4 Wheel Mobility Scooter is a mobility scooter that is incredibly portable and great for day trips and vacations. The Scooter may be disassembled into five very lightweight pieces with only one hand, guaranteeing that it will fit in a vehicle trunk or be conveniently stored in a small place.

The Pride Go Go Elite Traveler comes with replacement blue and red shrouds for a more personalized look, and the front storage basket keeps personal belongings close at hand. A large dog might have trouble fitting in the back basket, which is designed for small animals.

Main features:

• Ideal for places where space is limit
• Comfortable black vinyl swivel seat
• Quick and easy to disassemble for transport
• Large puncture proof tires offer comfortable ride over most terrain
• Useful storage basket on the front and back pet cart

2023 List price: $799 with 20% Discount Coupon from Mobility Scooters Direct

The New Stride Sport Comes in 5 Segments That Can Be Easily Stored Away

Mobility Scooters Direct now have in stock the Stride Sport, which may be split into five compact sections that easily fit into most car trunks or an out-of-the-way storage space thanks to a ground-breaking splitting mechanism. You can pack up this dividing mechanism in your trunk in a matter of minutes thanks to its tool-free design, which makes disassembly simple for arthritic fingers. Boasting a simple design, the Stride Sport offers the required degree of comfort. By minimizing the amount of friction between the ground and the scooter, a rear suspension system provides a more forgiving ride over rough terrain, preventing aches and pains. Using the free discount code at checkout, folk can save 20% on the list price, bringing the cost down by over $200 for this fantastic mobility solution. Main features: • Engineer assembled product • Demonstration provided • Medicare covered • Delivered within 14 days 2023 List price: $1,119.99 • $880 with 20% Discount Coupon from Mobility Scooters Direct