Why Getting a Window Replacement Might Be Helpful and How Much It Costs

Sophia Evans

Window replacement is inevitable after a certain period of time that is dependent on the nature of the frame used and how they are managed. Because they weaken with time and can also be damaged when exposed to some amount of force. Materials used to construct windows weaken and become fragile with time, so when a few signs such as condensation, rot of the window’s frame from insects and moisture and when the window frame is cracking or wearing. Only then will it need to be replaced. You can choose to install new glass If the frames are still firm without any sign of damages. It saves a lot of costs.

Types of Window Frames

In most situations, damages to the window frame are responsible for almost ninety-nine percent of window replacement in the U.S. There are two types of window frames that defer in lifespan and price.

– Vinyl frames
– Wooden frames

– Vinyl frames are window frames made from polyvinyl chloride, which protects them from damages caused by ultraviolet light. Hence, they last longer. Furthermore, they cheaper than wood’s and are easy to clean and maintain.
– Wooden frames are window frames gotten from trees like pine, and oak. They are expensive with a high level of maintenance. They have to be painted to forestall rots and other damages due to moisture. Furthermore, there is an increment in the cost of installing wooden frames, unlike vinyl frames that require cheap installation.

Factors That Have Impacts on The Window replacement Cost

Factors That Have Impacts on The Window replacement Cost


Before the estimation of window replacement cost, it is important to be knowledgeable about factors that have impacts on the cost. They include:

– Where to purchase it

– The size of the window you need

– The part of the window that needs replacement

– The type of window you need

Where to purchase the window: It is important to be aware of where to get your window, because it influences the cost. There are two ways to purchase it, either via big-box stores or by a hands-on process that requires personal involvement. Big-box stores offer moderate prices for materials and insurance with high prices for commission and installation.

The size of the window you need: The prices of windows varies with sizes. Small, medium, and standard size. To purchase and install a standard size window such as a vinyl window and double-pane window you will be charged a price that ranges from $450 to $600.

The part of the window that needs replacement: If you would be replacing just a part, like a frame or glass rather than the whole window, you will be charged less, depending on the type of frame you need; wooden or vinyl frames. On the contrary, if the whole window and frames are to be replaced, you would be charged to pay per installation; that ranges from $50 to $100. It is termed full-frame replacement or new construction windows. Furthermore, the replacement cost of a wooden window range from $800 to $1000 per installation


The Types of Windows

There are several types of windows with unique properties to suit your desires and different climates (which may be against your scale of preference).

The types of windows include:

– Double-hung window
– Double-pane window
– Tilt-out window

– Double-hung window: Double-Hung window is the most commonly installed window type because it is cheap. It is constructed to open from the top or bottom and it can be purchased at a cost that ranges from $280 to $380, it can also be gotten at a lower price because its cost depends on the type and quality of frame and glass used.
– Double-pane window: A double-pane or glazed window consists of two panes separated by a gap filled with an inert gas such as argon. It can also be referred to as an insulated glass unit. It offers a few benefits that make it exceptionally preferable over other kinds of windows. These benefits include an increase in energy efficiency that saves energy bills and also prevents noise from passing through the window when shut. A double-paned or glazed window can be purchased at an affordable price that ranges from $115 to $250.
– Tilt-out window: The tilt-out window is a type of window you can fold in and out, thereby exposing the exterior part of the glass, which enables you to be able to clean it from inside. The tilt-out window is more expensive than a standard-sized double-hung window. You can purchase this type of window at a price that ranges from $250 to $500. Although, there is a small-sized tilt-out window that costs less; approximately $150.

One More Thing to Consider

If you are paying attention you would notice that the type of glass installed in a frame is responsible for their various prices and energy efficiency of a window. It is important to consider the type of glass you choose to use for your window. You should take a look at factors such as its energy bill saving ability and its impact resistance (which is dependent on your geographical location).

Tinted glass window has a film that is water-resistant and also makes it easy to clean the glass. Tinted glass windows are good at reducing the ultraviolet rays or the sun’s heat.

There are several types of glass for windows for specific purposes. They are:
Windows with shades in between the glass for a touch of modern living
Triple-paned or triple-glazed window with more energy efficiency and saves energy bills than the double-paned window. It is also suitable for geographical areas with adverse climatic conditions.
The impact-resistant window for specific geographical locations with extreme conditions
They are all referred to as high-performance glass, with benefits that make them expensive to procure.
The cost of window replacement also depends on the labor, which may be charged per hour or per project. If you want to replace an entire window together with its frame, it will cost you about $700 for a wooden frame, and $600 for a vinyl frame.

Window replacement may be due to several factors explained earlier. The installation of quality windows can enhance your home security and energy-saving bills, and these can be achieved when you hire a professional window company near you.