How To Find the Best Paying Truck Driver Jobs for Seniors

Sophia EvansSophia Evans

How To Find the Best Paying Truck Driver Jobs for Seniors

Does the idea of working while traveling on the “open road” appeal to you? If you said yes, but feel that is not realistic because you are a senior – guess what – your ability to become a truck driver is not deterred because of your age. As a matter of fact, a very large number of current truck drivers are 50 years old and up. There are even truck drivers working well into their 70’s. Of course, you need to be physically and mentally fit and be a good car driver (meaning no record of drunk driving, a multitude of accidents or numerous driving violations). However, you don’t have to be Hercules or Superman to be a successful truck driver. There are even some truck driving jobs that only require you to drive – the loading and unloading of cargo is done by others. There are many types of truck companies and truck driving jobs. The highest paying of these jobs are for drivers with a “Class A CDL” (Commercial Drivers License), which qualifies you to drive those big-rig tractor trailer trucks. So, as discussed below, your first step in getting a good paying truck driver job is to secure this kind of license. Then, below you will find a list of the best trucking companies to get a job with as a new trucker – after you get that CDL.

Getting Your Trucker License

While not all trucker jobs are for the big rigs or require the Class A CDL, the good paying jobs do. Luckily, because of the large shortage of drivers in the trucking industry, you can secure this license fairly quickly and affordably. The driver shortage has spawned the existence of many truck driving schools across the nation. There are even schools that are operated by some trucking companies and will hire you right after you secure the license. The private schools all operate placement services and through them, you have the best resource to land your first trucking job.

Also because of the driver shortage, many trucking companies will pay for or reimburse almost the total cost of this schooling. Furthermore, you won’t find age discrimination here, because these companies need more drivers all the time. So, while almost all trucking companies need drivers, not all of them hire brand new drivers or pay very well. Below are listed the trucking companies that hire new drivers and also pay them well.

Swift Trucking Company

Swift is a large and established trucking company that regularly hires new drivers. Plus, they offer some of the best salaries in the truck industry for both new and experienced drivers. Of course, experienced drivers will still get a higher salary, but when it comes to truck drivers who’ve just gotten their CDL, Swift offers more than competitive rates. Another plus is that all of Swift’s trucks are relatively new, usually only 2-3 years old.

US Xpress

Not only does this company hire new drivers, US Xpress even sometimes is willing to hire people still in truck driving school and to help pay your tuition. In addition to a good starting salary, they also provide a very generous benefits package. Armed forces veterans are eligible for bonus pay.

CR England

In addition to hiring new drivers and providing good pay and benefits, CR England is a highly charitable organization: for every delivery they complete, they donate a meal to a food-insecure child. To date, they have donated over three million meals to children in need.

Werner Enterprises

Werner is one of the largest truck companies in America, with more than 25,000 trucks operating throughout all of North America. Because they have such a huge fleet of trucks, they are always on the lookout for more drivers, including those who have just obtained their CDL. They are also known to offer paid time off as part of their benefits package.

XPO Logistics

This company has many kinds of driving jobs, including for driving smaller trucks or freight vans. Many of these truck driving positions will even allow you to return home daily. This makes XPO a good choice for seniors who want to be a trucker, but not have to be on the road and away from home constantly.

J.B. Hunt

This is a famous and very large trucking company and is known for paying all of its drivers well, including its rookie hires. They have both over the road and local driving positions available. This company is very friendly for armed service veterans.