Published on May 10, 2022.

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How To Get the Best Prices On Cruises In The US

A cruise is a wonderful and different way to enjoy a vacation. This is especially true if you are an ocean lover. Most cruise ships are basically a hotel resort on water. Besides all the food, entertainment and activities, you get to visit some exotic ports of call. A cruise ship vacation can be expensive, but doesn’t have to be.The key to saving money on a cruise is doing your “homework”. With the proper knowledge, plus using the tips discussed below, you should be able to book your cruise for the least amount of money. Also, just saving money isn’t enough – you want to make sure that the particular cruise is the best one for you to book.

Research - Make Sure You Select the Right Cruise For You

There are many different cruises to choose from. Saving money is great, but first you should make sure that you pick the best cruise for you. There are four main variables for you to know about – before you book:

1) Where does the ship leave from and return to (usually the same place).

2) What kind of accommodations (rooms) does the cruise offer.

3) What are the amenities and attractions the ship offers (dining, sports and other recreational facilities, activities, events, views, etc.).

4) What ports of call will the ship stop at during the cruise.

What’s the most important of the above depends on the individual. Some people really enjoy lots of fine dining or live musical performances. Others prioritize a variety and high quality of sports facilities. By knowing the above information, you can pick out which cruises that you will truly enjoy. Next, you need to book the cruise at the best price possible.


You will probably find multiple cruise offerings that fit your desires. By making certain choices, you should be able to keep the cost down.

– Your room: The bigger and fancier the room, including views from the room, the more expensive your cruise will be. If you will only be basically sleeping in your room during the trip – book a simple, basic room and save money.

– Getting to the ship’s departure point: Many cruise offer packages that include plane flights from and back to your home city. If you can find your own way to the departure port – even separate self-booked flights, you are likely to save money.

– When to take the cruise: If you are flexible with your timing, you can usually spend less. The general rule of thumb is that cruises during or near school vacation times will be the most expensive.

Cost Savings Tips

The following are ways that that can reduce your cost for your desired cruise:

– If possible, book on a older ship. The newest, most modern cruise ships usually will cost you the most money.

– See if you are eligible for a discount, such as AARP, your auto/travel club, or other groups you belong to.

– If you can arrange to take the cruise with a large number of friends of family, you might be able to get a group discount.

– Book a few months in advance and don’t wait for the last minute.

– Try to get a ‘lowest price guarantee’ – where the cruise line promises to give you the lowest price if it decreases after you actually book, but before your departure.

Helpful Websites

The following websites will help you do your research, plus get the best deal on a cruise:

– Expedia (including Travelocity and Orbitz)

– Priceline

– Kayak

– TripAdvisor