The Best DirecTV Packages

DirecTV is undoubtedly the best satellite TV service in the United States, with fantastic packages for sports and movie fans alike. All DirecTV packages include at least 160 channels and a Genie HD digital video recorder (DVR) for recording live television, so you never miss those favorite shows while you are out and about. Subscribe to America’s number one satellite TV provider and benefit from awesome bonuses like an NFL Sunday ticket! DirecTV Bundle Offers allow you to tailor your media to suit your needs. The best channel mix can be purchased at the cheapest price. With four superb options available, the more you pay, the more channels you receive. This might also imply more HD networks and more 4K HDR sports. However, if you are not interested in Sports or a certain Box Set, then you can omit them and go for a more affordable option. DirecTV Customers have a broad range of offerings and some quite excellent reductions, especially for first-time subscribers. In fact, this leading satellite service, provides some of the best sign-up bonuses available, ranging from a year of free HBO Max to a free NFL Sunday Ticket. So if you like spending less to watch more. Keep on reading this list of DirecTV’s latest and best offers for those looking for a great satellite provider.

DirecTV Is Owned and Run By Americas Number One, Trusted Satellite Provider AT&T!

AT&T owns DirecTV, a satellite subscription TV service provider. It bills itself as “the number one satellite provider in the United States,” has over 26 million members, and provides a combination of live and on-demand television.
All DirecTV subscriptions include a satellite dish and the company’s Genie HD DVR, which enables customers to record up to five programs at once and store over 200 hours of television, so there should be less bickering over who gets to watch what and when. You also receive the DirecTV App, which allows you to view live and on-demand programming on mobile devices (over wi-fi). You may even save your DVR recordings to your device and view them later.

DirecTV Entertainment Package, an Affordable Option With More Than 160 channels and 3 Months Free HBO and Showtime!

For just $65 a month, you’ll get must-see sports networks ESPN, ESPN2, and Fox Sports, as well as Comedy Central and HGTV. The package also includes three months of free HBO and Showtime. This bundle does not include the NFL Sunday Ticket.
This is the ideal all-around family package since it contains all of the programs your children will like, the parents and family can watch fantastic films together, and those in the family who prefer sports have a plethora of events to select from each week. All of this at a very reasonable price!
Monthly payment of $64.99

185+ channels with the DirecTV Choice Package, For Just $5 More, You Can Enjoy Sunday NFL Action!

Do you like comedy, drama, and sports? This upgraded family bundle costs just $5 extra but includes a free NFL Sunday Ticket, a year of free HBO Max, and three months of free Cinemax, ShowTime, and Starz. This is a must-see for any movie buffs in the family.
When you consider that you are only paying a few dollars more each month for this bundle, it is definitely worth it, especially when you include the NFL Ticket for football fans. You also get access to all of HBO Max’s instructional documentaries and outstanding serials.
Monthly fee of $69.99

Get The Whole Family Involved with the DirecTV Ultimate Package, More Than 250 Channels to Choose From!

The Ultimate bundle, which adds an additional 15 channels, including CBS Sports Network and The Movie Channel, will delight sports and movie aficionados. You also receive an NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO Max for a year, and three months of free premium channels.
If you have a little additional money to spend, this is the package to go for when it comes to having a little bit of everything; everyone in the family will have something to dig into that they truly like. You’ll get enough of quality entertainment with the extras and the 250+ channels.
$84.99 per month

330+ channels on DirecTV Premier Package, When You Want Premier Content and All Of The Options!

Are you serious about television? Premier is DirecTV’s largest and greatest plan, with an epic 330+ channel line-up that includes every channel from every other DirecTV package, as well as all the most sought-after premium channels like HBO and Showtime. You will also get the NFL Sunday Ticket.
This is a pretty massive bundle that will appeal to individuals who just must have every channel available. When you desire it, premier entertainment will be there at the press of a button. This package includes prime-time sports and the newest movies, as well as the NFL Sunday Ticket.
Monthly payment of $134.99