The Healthiest Foods For Dogs

Sophia Evans / July 13, 2024

Dogs provide unconditional love and emotional support to their owners, which pet owners may appreciate even more during these trying times. Feeding your dog a balanced food is only one way to show them how much you care, along with the right dog bed, toys to play with, and the occasional dog treat. Simply put, dogs need to eat well – in fact, “appropriate diet” is ranked fourth in the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Guidelines for Responsible Pet Ownership. Trying to find the best dog food provides health benefits for them as well. Meat for protein, vitamin-rich vegetables and fruit, and omega fatty acids for a lustrous coat will all be included in premium dog food. There will be fewer fillers, such as maize, wheat, and soy. According to Freeman, another notable distinction is that the best dog food for your best friend may aid in improved absorption and digestion, resulting in smaller and tougher canine faeces. (Any dog owner understands the significance of this.) The demand for high-quality, whole-food (often human-grade) alternatives is growing, as is the supply. According to the non-profit American Pet Products Association, people will spend upwards of $38 billion on food and treats for their dogs in 2020 (up from $36.9 billion in 2019). However, how can you determine which dog food is right for your pet? Below is my selection of the greatest dog foods currently available, all of which are suitable for your four-legged companion.

1. A Taste of the Wildness of the Ancient Prairie

They’ve updated their recipe to incorporate ancient grains such as sorghum and millet, but the first two ingredients are buffalo and pig, which provide plenty of protein.


2. Instinct RawBoost Mixers

Morgan recommends adding a topper to your dog’s dry food to provide them a wider assortment of nutrients. To make this at home, add a fried egg, canned sardines in water, sautéed dark leafy greens, blueberries, or pumpkin, for example. You can also buy freeze-dried raw “topper,” such as this one from Instinct, which consists of chunks of traditional and organ meats that you sprinkle in with their kibble.

AMAZON $27.99 PETCO $27.99 CHEWY $11.99

3. Original Orijen Dry Dog Food

According to the company, animals provide 85 percent of the components (the remainder is fruits and veggies). The first three ingredients in their original composition are fresh chicken and turkey meat, as well as cage-free eggs, followed by organ meats and fish.

AMAZON $57.99 PETCO $55.99 CHEWY $55.99

4. Organix Chicken and Oatmeal Dry Dog Food

Organix begins with organic chicken, then includes healthy grains such as oats and barley, as well as flaxseed and coconut oil for a healthier fat.

AMAZON $52.09 CHEWY $16.61 PETCO $73.67

5. Zignature Limited Ingredient Lamb Canned Dog Food

Lamb is the first ingredient in this moist canned food, which also includes chickpeas, flax, and sunflower oil.

AMAZON $43.51 CHEWY $38.28

The Farmer's Dog is number six on the list

The Farmer’s Dog is one of several subscription home delivery businesses. These companies, which are sometimes referred to as “TV dinners for dogs,” send bags of fresh, human-grade food to your house on a regular basis. This may not be a cost-effective alternative if you have a large dog on a budget, but it may be more feasible for owners of smaller dogs. $60.00 DOG OF THE FARMER

Foods You Shouldn't Feed Your Dog Because They Could Be Harmful Or Even Lethal!

Foods You Shouldn't Feed Your Dog Because They Could Be Harmful Or Even Lethal!


The onion family, whether dried, raw, or cooked, is exceedingly harmful to dogs and can cause gastrointestinal distress as well as red blood cell damage. Symptoms of illness do not always present straight away and can take up to a few days to appear.


Chocolate is another lethal food for dogs, regardless of how enticing it is to both humans and dogs. Theobromine, a stimulant found in chocolate, is toxic to dogs and can cause renal failure. Theobromine is found at the highest concentration in dark chocolate.


Macadamia nuts contain a toxin that can induce muscle and neurological system weakening, edema, and panting in your dog.


It’s possible that your dog will die if he consumes the corn on the cob. Corn may be digested by dogs, although the cob can cause a clog in their intestines.


Avocados are another harmful food for dogs. Avocado plants contain Persin, a toxin that can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs. It can be found in the avocado plant’s leaves, fruit, and seed.


Raw, uncooked bones are fine for your dog to chew on, but cooked bones should be avoided at all times. These can easily splinter, producing constipation or, in the worst-case situation, a gut perforation, which is potentially fatal.


Raisins can be found in a variety of foods, including cakes, cookies, and cereals, so the fruit version isn’t the only one to avoid. Although the chemical component of the toxin is unknown, grapes and raisins can both induce catastrophic liver damage and renal failure.