What Are The Best Credit Cards For 2023?

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What Are The Best Credit Cards For 2023?

Getting the best deal on credit card largely depends on credit score – but does it factor equally for all types of credit cards? Let’s find out! Types Of credit card Generally, credit cards are known to perform a single purpose which is to make purchases. Meanwhile, there are several types of credit cards that are designed to perform a specific purpose. However, this specification of cards to a purpose does not mean they can not be used to make purchases. The types of credit cards include the following: – Rewards credit cards – Low interest credit cards – Balance transfer credit cards – Student credit cards – Business credit cards – 0% APR credit cards – Credit cards to build credit

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How to choose a credit card

In order to find or source the credit card that suits your needs, you will have to consider a few factors. The factors that determine how suitable your choice of credit card include the following:
– Annual fees
– Rewards
– Interest rates
– Perks

Annual fees
Most of the current credit cards do not come with annual fees. Meanwhile, if any credit card comes with an annual fee, a reward, and various perks would be given in return.

Generally, most credit cards offer users rewards for their spending. Hence, it is always advisable to choose a card with a reward that compensates for your spending habits. For instance, people with vehicles are not qualified to get rewarded for the consistent purchase of gas.

It is however different for people whose spending habits do not include getting take-out or dine out. They would benefit more from cards that offer rewards on groceries than dining.

Interest rates
It is not affordable but rather expensive to carry or hold a particular balance on a credit card. Irrespective of how long, it is still expensive. Hence, you should always check the APR of the credit card you desire to get.

Research through various credit cards has shown that most credit cards offer more perks and benefits than rewards. These benefits can save you a chunk of money. For instance, premium travel cards offer their users several money-saving benefits. These benefits include free checked baggage and access to an airport lounge.

List of the best credit cards

There are various credit cards mostly used for the purpose of making purchases. Hence, it is always difficult to choose a particular one due to the variation in what they offer. To protect you from choosing that which will not be suitable for you, we have listed the best of them.

However, this list of best credit cards was not chosen at random. They were chosen after considering the various factors listed above. They include:
– Citi custom cash card
– Chase sapphire preferred card
– Chase freedom flex
– American express gold card
– Delta SkyMiles American express card


Citi custom cash card

Annual fee: $0

Rewards: you will get 5% cash back for every $500 purchase you make. This however on works if the purchase is made on the top eligible category of your card. In addition to this, you will earn 1% cash back on other eligible purchases.

APR: This card offers no APR until after fifteen months. After fifteen months your APR would range from 13% to 24% depending on your credit score

Welcome offer: you will be able to earn $200 for every $750 purchase you make for three months.

Chase Sapphire preferred card

Annual fee: $95

Rewards: you will be earning ultimate rewards points for every dollar spent dining in restaurants and traveling.

Welcome offer: you will be earning a $100,000 bonus point for every $4000 purchase made in the first three months.

Chase freedom flex

Annual fee: $0 Rewards: you will get 5% on every $1500 purchase you make in a quarter and in traveling. 3% cash back on restaurants and drug stores. Welcome offer: you will earn $200 on every $500 purchase made for the first three months.

American express gold card

Annual fee: $250

Rewards: you will earn two points and one point on every dollar spent on booking flights and other purchases, respectively. Ultimately, you will be eligible to earn four membership rewards per dollar and $25,000 for spending in the U.S market per annum.

Welcome offer: for every $4000 spent on eligible purchases, you will earn 6000 membership rewards. This however lasts for the first six months of enrollment.

Delta skyMile American express card

Annual fee: $550

Rewards: you will be able to earn three Delta SkyMiles for every dollar spent on purchases made with Delta Airline.

Welcome offer: Once you spend $5000 on purchases, you will be eligible to earn 80,000 Bonus Mile and $20,000 Medallion Qualification Mile (MQM)

These are mainly the best credit cards with incredible Welcome offers and rewards. Meanwhile, they are not the only credit cards worth getting. There are others, such as the united clubs infinite card, the world of Hyatt credit card, Amex EveryDay preferred credit card, etc.